How to Switch from Spotify to Resso? Transfer Your Playlists, Albums/Songs


In the dynamic world of music streaming, users often find themselves seeking new platforms that resonate with their preferences. If you’re considering making the switch from Spotify to Resso, this guide is here to simplify the process for you. With the help of this step-by-step guide and the right tools, you can seamlessly transfer your playlists, albums, artists, and favorite tracks to Resso. In this website you can also learn how to convert Apple music playlists to Resso? It will only take a few minutes to transfer your desired songs, albums, playlists, and other features.

Switch from Spotify to Resso – Transfer Your Playlists

Transferring your cherished playlists from Spotify to Resso is a straightforward process. One of the most convenient tools for this task is Soundiiz, a platform that streamlines playlist migration. Here’s how you can do it:

Sign Up

Create an account on Soundiiz.

Connect Spotify and Resso

Link your Spotify and Resso accounts to Soundiiz.

Select Playlists

Choose the playlists you want to transfer.

Initiate Transfer

Start the transfer process and let Soundiiz do its magic.


Once the transfer is complete, check Resso for your playlists.

How to Transfer Albums from Spotify to Resso?

Moving your treasured albums from Spotify to Resso is equally hassle-free. Here’s the process:

Use Soundiiz

As before, leverage Soundiiz to facilitate the transfer.

Connect Accounts

Ensure your Spotify and Resso accounts are connected to Soundiiz.

Choose Albums

Select the albums you wish to transfer.

Begin Transfer

Initiate the transfer process and allow Soundiiz to work its wonders.

Verify on Resso

After the transfer, check Resso to confirm the albums are successfully moved.

How to Transfer Artists from Spotify to Resso?

Transferring your favorite artists from Spotify to Resso is a breeze:

Soundiiz Utilization

Rely on Soundiiz to help you with this transition.

Account Linking

Connect your Spotify and Resso accounts to Soundiiz.

Select Artists

Handpick the artists you intend to transfer.

Commence Transfer

Start the transfer procedure and let Soundiiz take care of the rest.

Confirmation Stage

Once completed, check Resso to ensure your chosen artists are now a part of your library.

How to Transfer Your Favorite Tracks from Spotify to Resso?

Your beloved tracks deserve to make the move with you. Use these steps:

Soundiiz Integration

Integrate Soundiiz into your migration strategy.

Account Integration

Connect your Spotify and Resso accounts with Soundiiz.

Pick Tracks

Choose the tracks you can’t live without.

Transfer Kickoff

Start the transfer and wait for Soundiiz to work its magic.


After the transfer, confirm that your favorite tracks are now on Resso.

Personal Review

From a practical standpoint, the transfer from Spotify to Resso through Soundiiz is a seamless process. The ability to choose specific playlists, albums, artists, and tracks ensures a customized transition experience. Both free and premium users can benefit from this tool, with premium users enjoying the added advantage of transferring multiple items simultaneously.


To transfer your Spotify playlist to Resso, use Soundiiz – an online platform that seamlessly migrates playlists, ensuring a smooth transition between the two music streaming services.

Yes, premium users can transfer multiple items simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Resso offers a unique social music streaming experience, fostering artist and fan connections, while Spotify provides an extensive library with broader compatibility; the choice depends on your music preferences and interaction style.

Yes, Soundiiz ensures that the integrity of your playlists and tracks remains intact during the transfer.


Switching from Spotify to Resso doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With Soundiiz as your ally, you can effortlessly bring your playlists, albums, artists, and favorite tracks to Resso. This guide has equipped you with the steps necessary to make the move seamlessly, allowing you to continue your musical journey on a fresh and vibrant platform.