How to Change Audio Quality in Resso? Equalize Your Music Sound

A good sound quality song attracts itself more. We preferred a better quality of music and liked it more. Resso is one of the top trending music apps nowadays, most people love to use this app by offering a better sound experience. Within a few steps, you can easily change the audio quality in the Resso app.


If you’re a music enthusiast, you understand the importance of high-quality audio. Resso, a popular music streaming platform, offers users the ability to adjust audio quality to suit their preferences and data usage. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of changing audio quality on Resso. Whether you’re looking for better sound clarity or reduced data consumption, we’ve got you covered. On this website, you can also check how to manage your playlists on this music platform.

How to Change Audio Quality in Resso – Adjust Now with Easy Settings

Resso provides a straightforward way to adjust audio quality according to your needs. Here’s how you can easily change the audio quality in the Resso app:

Open the Resso App

Launch the Resso app on your mobile device. Ensure you’re logged in to your account.

Navigate to Settings

Locate the settings menu within the app. It’s usually represented by a gear icon. Tap on it to proceed.

Choose Audio Quality

Look for an option related to “Audio Quality” or “Sound Settings.” Tap on it to access the audio quality settings.

Select Preferred Quality

Resso typically offers multiple audio quality options such as Low, Normal, High, and Very High. Choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Save Changes

After selecting your desired audio quality, remember to save your changes. This ensures that the new settings take effect.

Optimizing Your Music Experience: Tips and Tricks

Enhance your Resso music experience with these valuable tips:

Wired Headphones

To fully appreciate the improved audio quality, consider using wired headphones or earphones. They often provide better sound reproduction compared to wireless options.

Download High-Quality Tracks

Resso allows you to download your favorite tracks for offline listening. Prioritize high-quality downloads to enjoy exceptional audio even when not connected to the internet.

Use Wi-Fi for High-Quality Streaming

If you’re aiming for the best audio quality, stream your music while connected to a Wi-Fi network. This prevents buffering and ensures uninterrupted playback.

Manage Data Usage

If you’re concerned about data consumption, opt for lower audio quality settings when streaming over mobile data. This strikes a balance between decent sound quality and reduced data usage.


Currently, Resso’s audio quality settings are primarily available on the mobile app. The web player may have limited options in this regard.

Yes, higher audio quality settings generally result in increased data usage. If you’re on a limited data plan, consider adjusting the quality to save data.

Yes, the audio quality settings you choose will apply to all songs you stream or download on Resso.

The “High” or “Very High” audio quality settings are recommended for the optimal music streaming experience, especially when using high-quality headphones or speakers.

Typically, you can’t change the audio quality settings while a song is playing. Make sure to adjust the settings before you start playing a track.

As of now, Resso doesn’t offer a lossless audio quality option. The available settings provide varying levels of compression.


Now that you know how to change audio quality in Resso, you can enjoy your favorite music with enhanced clarity and depth. Whether you’re prioritizing data savings or premium sound, Resso’s audio quality settings give you the flexibility to tailor your listening experience. Make the most of your music journey by optimizing your audio quality settings today.