Best 12 Music Download Apps for Android and iOS 2024

It’s a pleasure moment for both Android and iOS users, a large collection of music streaming apps are developed. With amazing features and large collection of songs attracts more users to itself. Try now your favorite music application in your devices, we are giving you a best music apps for android and iOS.


In the fast-paced world of music streaming and downloading, having the perfect music app on your Android or iPhone can make all the difference in your music experience. With numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best music download apps that suits your preferences and requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best 12 music download apps for 2023. From industry giants like Spotify and Apple Music to rising stars like Resso and LiveOne, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and find the perfect music app for you!

Best Music Apps for Android and iOS

It depends upon your preferences, which one do you like more. There are the following most trending best music apps Android and iOS as well:

Spotify – Enhance Your Music Journey

As one of the most popular music streaming platforms worldwide, Spotify needs no introduction. With a vast library of songs, albums, and playlists, Spotify caters to music lovers of all tastes. Its user-friendly interface and personalized playlists make it a top choice for many. Additionally, Spotify allows users to download their favorite tracks for offline listening, ensuring that you can enjoy your tunes even without an internet connection.


Resso – Sharing Music with Friends

Resso is a music app that’s been gaining traction with its unique and social approach to music streaming. It encourages users to share and interact with their favorite tracks, fostering a sense of community among music enthusiasts. Resso’s “Vibes” feature lets users express their feelings about a song through creative comments and emojis, enhancing the overall music discovery experience.

Gaana – Enjoy with Your Favorite Songs

For those who enjoy a diverse collection of regional and international songs, Gaana is a go-to music app. With an impressive catalog of tracks across various genres, Gaana ensures there’s something for everyone. The app’s smooth interface and seamless music streaming make it a favorite among Indian music enthusiasts. Users can also download their favorite songs for offline listening, making it convenient for those on the move.


Youtube Music – Video & Audio Songs

Combining the power of music streaming with the vast content available on YouTube, Youtube Music offers an extensive library of music videos, official tracks, and user-generated content. Users can effortlessly switch between audio and video modes and download songs for offline listening. This app is a hit among those who enjoy music videos along with audio.


Amazon Music – Download songs & Offline Playback

As part of the Amazon ecosystem, Amazon Music provides a diverse selection of tracks, including exclusive releases and original content. With seamless integration with Amazon Echo devices, users can enjoy hands-free listening and voice commands. Like many other music apps, Amazon Music offers offline capabilities, allowing subscribers to download their favorite songs for offline listening.


Deezer Music- Best Music App for Music Lovers

Deezer Music stands out for its vast library of songs, podcasts, and radio stations. The app offers personalized playlists and a delightful music streaming experience. With offline capability, users can download tracks and enjoy them without worrying about internet connectivity.


Apple Music – Download for iphone, Mac and iPad

Apple Music is the go-to music app for iOS users, offering seamless integration with iPhones and other Apple devices. With a vast collection of songs and exclusive releases, Apple Music provides a curated music experience for its subscribers. Downloading tracks for offline listening is a breeze, ensuring that you always have your favorite tunes at your fingertips.


SoundCloud – Offline Streaming App

SoundCloud is more than just a music app; it’s a platform that empowers independent artists to share their original music. As a haven for discovering new and emerging talents, SoundCloud offers a unique experience for music enthusiasts. Users can download tracks for offline listening and support their favorite artists directly through the app.


StarMaker – Singing with StarMaker App

StarMaker is not just a music app; it’s an interactive platform that allows users to collaborate and record their versions of popular songs. Singing enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of singing with friends and other users from around the world. StarMaker also allows offline access to your recorded tracks, so you can relive your musical moments anytime, anywhere.


Shazam Music – Enjoy Your Favorite Songs

Shazam Music is a must-have app for music discovery. It can identify songs playing around you with remarkable accuracy. Once a song is recognized, you can instantly download it for offline listening. Shazam is perfect for those who love discovering new music and want to add it to their playlists instantly.


Pandora Music Streaming App

Pandora is a well-established music streaming service known for its personalized radio stations. With its music recommendation algorithm, Pandora tailors playlists to each user’s preferences. The app offers both free and premium tiers, with the premium version providing additional features like offline listening and ad-free music.


LiveOne – Enjoy Live Music

LiveOne is a rising star in the music app scene, offering live performances from artists around the world. With its focus on delivering live and immersive music experiences, LiveOne is a game-changer for concert enthusiasts. Users can download live recordings for offline enjoyment, bringing the magic of live music to their fingertips.


TIDAL – Enjoy to Listen Your Favorite Songs

TIDAL stands out for its commitment to high-fidelity audio and exclusive content. With its premium HiFi tier, music aficionados can enjoy lossless audio quality for a more immersive listening experience. TIDAL also offers offline mode, allowing subscribers to download their favorite tracks for offline enjoyment.



Spotify’s free plan allows users to access its vast music library with occasional ads. While it’s a great way to discover new music, the ads can be disruptive for some. Upgrading to Spotify Premium removes ads and offers additional features like offline listening and unlimited skips.

If you’re using Spotify’s free plan and encounter issues with playing specific songs, it’s likely due to licensing restrictions. In such cases, consider using Spotify Premium to enjoy uninterrupted access to all songs without any restrictions.


In the world of music download best music apps for Android and iOS, the choices are vast, catering to various preferences and requirements. Whether you’re a fan of personalized playlists on Spotify or enjoy the immersive live performances on LiveOne, there’s a music app that suits your taste. Consider your music needs, whether it’s discovering new songs, offline listening, or supporting independent artists, and choose the music app that enriches your musical journey in 2023 and beyond. Happy listening!