How to Add Your Own Music to Resso App?

In this modern technology due to fast enhancement in the field of IT, everyday new techniques are developed. Here are we saying about the music world, many music streaming apps try their best services for users to provide easy and convenient features. One of the top trending music apps nowadays is the Resso app. By using this app music lovers not only listen to other artists, they can also publish or add their own music to entertain the music lovers with their magic voice. In this article, we will discuss all the steps on how to add your own music to Resso App. Let’s move!


How to Add Your Own Music to Resso – Publish Your Own Voice

It is very rare in music apps to add their own songs, but the Resso music app gives the option for singing lovers to add their songs/music on this app. Some of the following steps you can follow to easily publish your voice on Resso Music:

  • Open the Resso app on your device.
  • Tap the “My Library” tab at the bottom of the screen app.
  • On the “My Library” page, click the “Add music” button.
  • Now you can add your favorite songs or albums whenever you want.

Once you add your own music on the Resso App, after that you can listen to your music on my library option. It is noted that the Resso App supports adding some of the audio formats, not able to add all songs or albums to your Resso Library.

For this purpose, you have to get a subscription to the Apk in order to add your own music on the app. Mostly we can’t buy subscription plans, so don’t worry You can download Resso Mod Apk to get premium features free of cost and enjoy what you want.

Add Your Own Voice – Upload Your Own Songs

Most people have been bestowed with a sweet voice, and they have very craze for singing. An excellent news for the singing lovers Now they can sing and add your voice to Resso Music to explore their magical voice around the world.

Advantages of Addition Your Music

Some of the advantages to adding your music on this app:

  • Exploring your music world.
  • Engage the community with your voice.
  • Open doors to explore yourself.
  • It makes you perfect.
  • Easily access your own songs.

My personal Review

I am a singing lover, and in my leisure time, I practice to improve my singing style. Once I knew this app, I had my own songs or albums that could easily added to this app. Now I can easily access and listen to my own music according to my mood.


Within a few seconds, you can upload your songs on Resso. Download the app tap the “My Library” page and click the “Add music” button.

No, the Resso app allows some audio files and is not able to upload all files.

You have to get a subscription for this purpose.


Resso App is one of the best and top trending music app. With its unique and awesome features, it attracts users more. By using this music streaming music app you can add your own music.

Download and enjoy your singing journey with Resso App.